Get Confident

A few years ago I would sit in large meetings and felt completely terrified.  I’d literally shake with nerves when I realized I’d have to talk – usually because I had to introduce myself.

These days, good luck getting me to shut up in these same meetings.  I discuss and I disagree as I see fit – regardless of who’s in the meeting, who I’m responding to, or how many people are present.  The nerves that used to make my hands shake seem like a distant memory.  I wish I could help that girl with the skills I’ve learned since then.

Do you need help with confidence in your work place?  Maybe you feel reserved around your manager and don’t speak up when you have ideas.  Perhaps large meetings intimidate you.  Maybe you don’t like to present ideas until you’ve had time to perfect the idea, and by the time you get to it the moment is long gone.  Maybe you have a work environment that makes you feel less than you think you’re worth.

I can help.  Tell me where you’d like to grow in confidence and lets come up with a game plan!

Email me at and let’s get you out of your own way so you don’t dread going into the office.

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