Laundry list

Let’s talk about that hot topic everyone loves to talk about… LAUNDRY! Kidding.  But, seriously, let’s talk laundry. If you love laundry, perhaps it’s cathartic or an escape for you, then stop reading here because finding ways to do it faster is not for you.  For those of us who have Googled: How many days […]

An Arranged Family

Open adoption is, hopefully, going to be a great thing for my future child. It’s supposed to help create a more complete family for the adopted child. They can see who they came from and have a relationship with them, while still receiving the love and support of their adoptive family. Today, it’s what most […]


I am SUPER excited to announce that I have been matched with a birth mom! I have kept this news quiet because there are just too many things to cover than I can do justice to. So many emotions, so much shopping, and so many changes. And with a due date a few months away, […]

Do not add peas to Velveeta shells and cheese

There are so many things I want to write about: 1) How Senator Feinstein may (or may not, it’s what I read on Fox News) have revealed the name of a sexual assault victim (Ford) without her consent… re-victimizing this woman. 2) How Senator Lindsay Graham yelled at his Democratic counterparts for playing “politics” by […]

Spoofed Phone

My roommate’s phone was spoofed by telemarketers/scammers. Did anyone else know this was a thing? It’s crazy, they essentially call people from a number (presumably in India) and it reflects her phone #. People don’t answer & text or call her back asking why she called them. It’s crazy. And apparently there’s nothing her phone […]


I take a good deal of pride in taking care of those who need help. I volunteer at places like Habitat for Humanity and Friends for Life, but I prefer to work closer to home. This usually means helping the cats in my neighborhood. We fed the strays occasionally, but mostly we fed 1 stray […]

Frank: An Update

The honeymoon period between Frank and I is over. It was over the day after my last post, but I haven’t had time to provide an update until now. After giving me the gum earlier last week, Frank continued to fill my office doorway every day. He’d stand there, chattering away in Russian, looking at […]