Do Less

When people ask how I get everything done so quickly or how I streamlined their tedious and time consuming work, I tell them it’s because “I’m lazy.” In truth, it’s because I take to heart the phrase “Work Smart not Hard”.  If you learn nothing else about me, know this: I don’t work just to work and I don’t work longer than necessary.

I’m naturally inclined to do things efficiently and quickly.  I also triage my work, when necessary, so I can give priority to the most important or urgent activities.  These skills have always allowed me to stay on top of all my work – both professional and personal.

My personal life became more complicated six months ago when I adopted my beautiful baby girl – and I did this as a single woman.  Since that wonderful February day all of the skills I’ve honed over the years have come to my aid.  Even with the extra laundry, the bottles, the mess left over from dinner, and so on, I stay on top of my work.  I finish what needs to be done – both in my corporate job and at home – and I still have time to do what I want.  I also get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Is time management, organization, or finishing your work timely a struggle for you?  I’m here to help.

This blog will introduce processes, programs, apps, and companies that help us get more done without requiring more work.  It will look at ways to help us in the office and at home.  I’ll share what I already do and also introduce new things that I learn.

Do you need advice or suggestions now?  Reach out!  You can post a comment or drop me an email at

I look forward to working with you!